Welcome to St. Jane Poetry & Arts!

Rae Lemke Sprung
Poetry & Arts Editor

I find that there are a lot of things that are hard about creativity. 

It’s hard to get started, some days, being creative. It’s hard to create and perfect and make something beautiful. Once you’re holding that something beautiful in your hand (or looking at it on your screen, or listening to it from your guitar), it can be hard to think about letting other people see it and experience it. Once you’re ready to have other people share in the experience, it can be hard to find an appropriate, worthwhile venue in which to do it. 

I’m betting from that introduction you can guess how I’ve felt about sharing my work, in the past, and I’m hoping you can guess what I’ve joined St. Jane Media to do. St. Jane is in its nascent stages, and we are flinging wide the gates and asking you to give us the chance to share your hard work – your stories, your art and your poetry – with our growing audience.

For me, before I came on board as poetry and arts editor, this venue gave me a chance to share my work with a friendly and welcoming audience; a place where I could feel confident and excited about sharing the pieces into which I’d put my hard work. I want to give this same feeling to other emerging and established talents – a place where work is welcomed with enthusiasm and artists are met with not only a platform for sharing their work, but compensation and resources to continue building their skills and confidence. 

Contributors of all levels of experience and from all backgrounds are welcome to submit work to us for consideration; I am committed on a personal level and St. Jane is committed as a business to providing a particular showcase for work by women, people of colour, LGBT people, neurodivergent people, non-binary political thinkers and other groups who may find it difficult to break into artistic industries and environments. 

My role at St. Jane is to connect with poets and artists, in particular – so please, reach out to me. I’m thrilled to receive poetry submissions at mail@stjanemedia.co, as well as answer questions and talk anytime. Also, if you know someone who I should be talking to about showcasing work at St. Jane, please let me know! I’m striving and aiming to create not only a collection of art, but a community where contributors can grow and learn together. 

I look forward to talking with you!