Tuesday Tunesday: “Painting With” and “LNZNDRF”



Overall, the album is happy feeling, but a little disappointing compared to past albums. There are a lot of different sounds on this album and it is definitely not boring, but at times it feels like a lot of noise.

If I had to pick a favorite it would be FloriDada. It is a superb, upbeat song that can put you in a good mood instantly. You should add this song to your playlist. Hocus Pocus is what you would expect from a song with that title. It’s kind of weird and changes sound a lot almost like scenes in a movie. It was hard to listen to the whole song as I just wanted to skip it.

Spilling Guts also stands out as a catchy beat, but it’s also the shortest song on the album. The songs on the album are much shorter than songs on past albums. It’s an album where you can have a dance party with friends, but your dance moves might have to change frequently. This could be one of those albums that you have to listen to a few times before you really appreciate it.


LNZNDRF by LNZNDRF is a solid album that I could listen to regularly. The songs are mellow, which make it easy to listen to while working or studying. Future You is a great introduction to the album. Although there are only eight songs on this album, most of the songs are on the longer side.

Beneath the Black Sea is a catchy, memorable song and my favorite on the album. It starts out with a long introduction and great beat then breaks into the lyrics. You can really hear the sound and influence of The National on this track.

Mt Storm didn’t really excite me the first time I listened, but the song grew on me the more I played it. It also had a bit of a longer introduction before it gets into the actual lyrics.

Although good overall, the album just seemed to be missing a little something. Maybe the album needed more songs or more lyrics, but it didn’t quite hit the spot. This is their first album though so I look forward to their future work.