Film Reviews: The Witch [St. Jane Archives]

MARY BETH MCANDREWS Witch movies are a mixed bag.  Not since a film like Suspiria have witches felt scary in a film. But finally, with the help of a new director by the name of Robert Eggers, witches aren’t just old hags in pointy hats anymore. They’re evil, gross, and scary and Eggers has put them back…

Saul and Rebecca: A Tale of Two Lawyers [St. Jane Archives]

BY KEVIN KOESER t’s beautiful, divine coincidence that the two best shows currently on TV are both about West Coast lawyers struggling to find happiness and instead wind up burying themselves under a mountain of lies that will completely undo them. Even more surprising is they couldn’t be any more different in tone and presentation….

How Kinky Are the Characters of Pride and Prejudice?

BY ICEBERG MAMA Mr. Darcy: At first I wondered if he’d be too repressed, but then I thought no, super kinky. Definitely a dom. Oh, I just pictured him with a riding crop and now I have to go lie down. Elizabeth: This is a tough one. She’s sassy, so I think she’d be creative. She’d be…

Poetry Exhibits: scrawl

scrawl every last one of my nervesis an exposed tripwiremy hermit crab bodyrattling around in a dirty houseair pressing on my skin like sulphur clouds it’s so expected to fall apart, so I keep goingugly words peppery in my mouth don’t let the wires touch the wallthey’ll burn the fucker down pretty false front, five-alarm…

Call for Submissions

St. Jane is pleased to announce that we are now accepting poetry submissions, in any form and on any topic, to be considered for publication on our poetry and arts blog in the spring of 2016.