Camp WWE – A Wrestling Fan’s South Park … Sort Of

By Patrick Tedder

Reluctantly, I watched season 1 of Camp WWE. I couldn’t decide what was causing reluctance on my part, but there was something about the Seth Green, super adult cartoon that seemed like it might be forced fun. It was neither significantly better than I thought it would be, nor was it as bad as I anticipated.

The premise is cute. WWE stars are at their most lewd, but as kids at a camp run by Vince McMahon. For example, you still have Steve Austin, but he’s seven, swearing more than ever and still drinking beer. John Cena is more goody shoes than he’s ever been and The Undertaker is a thin kid who could have just walked out of Hot Topic. Many other fan favorites get some time to shine and the results are mixed.

The show has more structure than Seth Green’s famous Robot Chicken, but like South Park and plenty of adult swim cartoons, randomness is readily embraced; things don’t have to make sense if they get the audience to the joke. But, unlike South Park and other adult swim cartoons, this is pretty tame and also not as clever. Sure there are plenty of F-bombs, but it feels like they’re included mostly to make older audiences feel alright about watching a wrestling cartoon.

Being a WWE Network exclusive, this isn’t for anyone who doesn’t like wrestling and you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you know a thing or two about wrestling for the more obscure references. It also makes some of the characters who are voiced by the real life stars more fun.

In conclusion. This cartoon isn’t genius … at least season one isn’t, but it doesn’t mean the concept isn’t good and that it’s not sort of fun if you’re a wrestling fan. It’s also a nice little bit of exclusive content as the WWE tries to fill out their network with original shows that go beyond tons of wrestling matches.