Brock Lesnar – Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat. — Wrastlin’ Review

By Patrick Tedder

Brock Lesnar has had quite the year. Not only has he fought in the UFC and won his match (even if he failed a drug test for illegal substances), he’s been featured on the cover of the newest WWE videogame 2k17, and he has a new DVD career highlight set. Aside from the drug pop, he’s doing alright for himself. Does the latest best-of live up to the hype of “The Beast Incarnate?”

Sort of. Spanning three discs, you’re basically taken through the best matches of Brock’s career, with a lot of the footage coming from his latest matches where the WWE went all-in and worked on a story line where he was near invincible.

There’s some interesting early footage where we see Brock in developmental. In between various matches in the timeline, we’ll see interviews and parts of promos that Lesnar has given, creating the allusion that this was a documentary of sorts. It’s a cheap effect, especially since some of the scenes really do appear to be “shoots” where Brock is talking in earnest. There’s also the problem with a lot of these scenes have been included in previous Brock Lesnar WWE documentary productions.

Aside from non-televised work that appears on the first disc, the rest can be seen on the WWE Network if you’re willing to put in the work and search for the matches. Of course, this requires a WWE Network subscription, but that’s just 10 bucks a month and gives you access to pretty much anything wrestling that the WWE owns.

So why should you buy this DVD set? Well, I guess if you don’t have the network, or even do and just want to support the WWE, that might make some sense. For my money, the special edition comes with replica gloves that Brock wears, as well as two wrestling cards—one signed with a piece of ring mat from WrestleMania 32. I can just feel eyes rolling at the nerdom here, but this is a review of a wrestling DVD package….

So there you go! Buy the special edition for those awesome items, otherwise skip this. The DVD set didn’t even have extra features. Kudos to the WWE for releasing this around WWE 2k17 though!