Trump and Me – And Me … And Now Us

Image from cover of Trump and Me
Image from cover of Trump and Me

Do you like that title? It’s pretty meta, right? Anyway, if you thought I was going to stop writing about politics anytime soon, you’re sadly mistaken. Sure, I still invest my time in plenty of other pop culture things, but I’ve found myself in a serious mood of late.

Thus, here is my review of the amusing novella Trump and Me by the incredibly intelligent Mark Singer of the New Yorker. In a period where I have been so serious, this book hits all of the political tones that I am feeling while adding a certain amount of wry humor. From the cover, a ridiculous caricature of Trump as a bust statue, to the quick and on the nose chapters, this is a book that works with a simple premise and manages to say a lot without ever wearing out its welcome.

The premise is cute. Mark Singer recounts the time he shadowed Trump in order to write a piece for the New Yorker. Suffice it to say, Trump didn’t like Singer’s piece, Singer got under Trump’s skin, and the two found each other insufferable—or at least Trump would not suffer Singer ever again.

As you might imagine, things play out very much like The Odd Couple. Trump in his particular fashion leads Singer through his Willy Wonka factory of bullshit, and we are treated to a journey where it’s never quite clear what we should laugh at and what we should be in awe of. Another motion still, is that I found pity at times for a rich man who can’t seem to help but make up fantastical lies for no reason and without context.

We’ve all known someone like this, that person who has to measure dicks all the time and impress you or belittle you on a whim. Such seems to be Mr. Trump, an intelligent guy who was born with a silver spoon and continued to do well for himself, but not without making a complete ass of himself at the same time. While the broader implications of what makes up President-elect Trump are frightening, for a brief moment, we can simply smile at the sight of him boiled down to the most common denominator, a mere mortal who just happens to have a lot of stuff.

PS:   Reason enough to read this, “Mark, you are a total loser! And your book (and writings) sucks!”

– President-elect Donald Trump.