And you thought there is never a girl online? – Shenanigans Online

By Patrick Tedder

I have a fondness for anime. It’s wildly creative in ways that much Western entertainment isn’t. That said, the same quirkiness that makes it fun can also become pretty obnoxious. The show “And you thought there is never a girl online” falls somewhere in between those two poles.

Hideki Nishimura plays a massive online role-playing game called Legendary Age (LA) and navigates a relationship with a girl who can’t separate their video game marriage from the real world. Going against the joke that all female characters in MMOs are actually dudes, Nishimura (Rushian as he goes by in the game) finds out that everyone in his guild really is a female which the show’s creators use to their advantage for fan service.

The better parts of the 12 episode series are the moments when Nishimura and his in-game wife Ako Tamaki interact, teasing a romance that one’s never quite sure will come to fruition. Along the way, jokes ensue and awkward situations make sure that the show is never too serious.

Where it runs into problems is whenever the plot diverts from the core relationship. While supporting characters within the guild are adequately created, they don’t have arcs of their own. As if perhaps realizing this, the plot takes an odd turn near the end of the series that amps up the cohesive nature between friends, but in the process fails to bring any sort of resolution to the heart of Nishimura and Aka’s relationship.

So … should you watch it? Sure! There’s one specific gimmick that’s quite amusing and almost worth the price of admission near the end of the short series. Otherwise, it’s a fun anime that is also completely forgettable, aside from its long title that makes reviews tricky.